We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

Star Lions of Numis’Om

A new contributor for Hearts Ascension find more about Maia on the About Us page Star Lion by Maia Nartoomid AB-0031STD Star Lions of Numis’Om by Maia Christianne Nartoomid Murry Hope, in her book “The Lion People – Intercosmic Messengers from the Future” writes about the lion-like beings from Sirius. She calls them the Pashat. […]

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LOOKING FOR CLOSURE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 | LISA RISING BERRY For the past two weeks my life has been surrounded by the theme of closure in such a profound way.  I have learned many things from this physical experience that I would like to share.  This comes from my personal […]

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This is a short article from my Inner Knowing, I feel I am getting an idea on the mechanics of creation. This is by no means complete and I feel only the 1st of a series,  for those interested in the mechanics of how we create, this is my interpretation. When I think about the […]

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Alan Watts Whale Fantasia

The Whales, Music and the Girls are amazing, but the real jewels are in the words which Alan Watts speaks. And they are not just words, they come from a deeper place, a timeless Wisdom  that nudges people to wake up to themselves.    Taken from Wikipedia: Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 […]

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