We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

About Us

Donna Evans

I am on a journey of healing and discovering my own power. I have long wondered to myself why we have given our power away to sources outside of ourselves. Now I am remembering my own divine power and as I learn, I am passing it on. It’s not the time to hold on to or keep secrets, it’s time to share and empower others. I have Flower Essence qualifications, Reiki and Fung Shui and currently studying with Babaji an Indian Guru.

My night time experiences are full of adventure I speak to and dream of Et’s, travel in craft. I was given a Living Sri Yantra spiritually and I can explain it finally as a soul contract prompting me to look into Ancient Siddha Traditions.

I telepathically communicate with higher dimensional beings and have information downloaded from Source and Gaia. I believe that I am a Feline Star Seed and the big cats started hanging out with me in 2011 you can here them in the house and sometimes make themselves visible for others to see.


I have added a video enjoy



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