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Being A Woman Naturally

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As a women in the western world we have so many ‘rules’ to follow that we deserve a government subsidy. Shave under your arms, legs, bikini line and make sure you pay for laser hair removal when you ‘accidentally’ grow hair in places society thinks you shouldn’t. Wear deodorant, make up, pluck your eye brows, draw them back on, paint your nails, dye your hair, cut your hair, moisturise, shampoo, condition, exfoliate, peel and tan. Keep your vagina in check. Oh, and don’t say vagina!

In this huge beauty regime that we have (which I generally enjoy as long as I don’t need to do all of the above in one day!) we expose ourselves to a lot of chemicals. A LOT of chemicals. So in my bid to get a bit healthier and respect my body that little bit more I have come across some great products that I thought I would share with you!
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Wed, December 12 2012 » Healing

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