We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

Templa Mar Grid Activation

Templa Mar Grid Activation

DSC_0103Sokar, myself and some of his friends activated a a Templa Mar Grid yesterday. I am on holidays at  Byron Bay is a little town situated at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. The local Arakwai Aboriginal people named the area Cavvanbah, meaning meeting place and it was traditionally a place of healing and fertility. creating one great barefooted, alternative-lifestyle mash-up, apparently the whole region has obsidian crystal underfoot that acts as a psychic healer on residents and visitors alike …not to mention all the  sacred lay lines crossing the land making Byron Bay an energetic vortex of opportunity , a portal to new understandings, soul’s purpose and manifestation.
I dreamed of key words a few days ago i.e.. Templa Mar, Araku, so of course my first port of call was Maia’s site after several attempts I found the information. Here is the full article link http://www.spiritmythos.org/earth/ET/templamar/overview.html ..  just a snippet from Maia’s article: The Templa Mar is a specific inner-planes matrix which was programmed to enter the earth’s linear time-line in 1993, from a distant point in the future ‘New Earth Star,’ or ascended reality. This inner planes matrix is to be differentiated from an ‘earth grid,’ in that, while it interacts with the current-time earth and has geo-physical points upon which it is anchored, it’s true location is in future dimension of this planet’s reality. Furthermore, the Templa Mar spans various associated universal reality systems.The Templa Mar’s place of true anchoring is located in the future city of Korbola, which finds its point of cohesion geophysically on the current earth in the area of Masada, near the Dead Sea in Israel. Masada holds Light codes within the matter of the current earth, which form a template for the future-time city of Korbola. Thus, they share the same etheric space, but in different time fields.
I contacted Maia and she informed me that it felt right to do the activation, I brought Aquamarine crystals, whilst I was in the store a knowing guided me to buy one for myself as well, so I brought a ring and all 4 Aqua’s sat with Sokar for 24 hrs. Time to do the ceremony, I really had no idea what to do, but of course was guided down to the very last second. The fresh water inlet I had a vision of is at high tide joined to the ocean. Many Whales (including Migalloo the albino whale) migrate along this coast line at this time of year, schools and schools of bait fish draw both Dolphins and Whales and there have been a plethora of both for us to see.

I was guided to put all the Crystals into the fresh water and to sit and meditate for awhile. I kept hearing Yeshua, Moses, Raismes of Aphra and Elohim. So I knew I had these guys around to help and guide me. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt drawn to part the waters, so I did a sweeping motion with my hands and a vision of the waters parted. Thoth appeared and parted (opened) my crown chakra, in through which flooded this beautiful eternal light. Then this Huge Sand Man appeared from the Earth he went “tut tut” and my meager parting of the waters was made way bigger.  My crown chakra was still open and he poured himself into me, I was lifted up and taken into the Heart Crystal of Gaia. She tickled me and we giggled together, then I was laid out on a bed of light and was joined by other beDSC_0086ings. They were all light I could just about see through them, after they worked on me for a while I was turned so my face was down wards.  I could see they were opening my spinal column and were writing codes up and down my spine. Then being thrust up into the air on a spiral light beam to play around on for awhile. Then that was it I was brought back just in time to see two Pelicans land on the fresh water inlet and people started walking up to it. Of course the timing of all things was perfect everything was kept away for the exact time it took for the completion of the ceremony.

DSC_0112This tree was behind the fresh water inlet, and is growing in a spiral, a Aboriginal Auntie told me when that happens it’s sure to be a Vortex.

This morning I was told that I was initiated into the Elohim fold, I don’t feel any different except for the delicious memories of the ceremony.
Donna Evans x

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Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.00.13 pmDONNA EVANS

I am a cloud watcher I see future events, I am given guidance and avoidance tips, but lately I have been seeing in the clouds shapes like “Griffins”.
This morning I finally took the message to google Griffins and before my 3rd eye vision one came to me and asked to take up pen and paper.

 We are becoming aware that we are creators, we have the abilities to develop “helpers”!!!! where we need to. Like Avatars or maybe New Archetypes, I think maybe that is why the negative forces created Archons. We can create when we deem necessary, parts of ourselves that we don’t otherwise have the time or means to work for “in our case” to clean our skies our land ,our waters, our monetary systems etc. All we have to do is realise our potential and we are worthy ….. 

Here is what came through onto the paper….

 “Since time began we have been sitting and watching over the human race. We can only sit still and watch for so long. Now, is the time to begin the clearing.
We have energy clearing antenna for those who care to reach out and ask us.
We have been searching for the first of you who beseeches so loudly that enough is enough.
Your skies, your waters, we can shake the ground clear beneath your feet if you dare ask.
Look toward the sky ask for your earth to be cleared of the muck and chemical cocktails, look to the waters and ask for the severance of ties that bind them to dark.
Then look within yourselves and ask for your own sky and waters to be cleared. Take heed the protection will last this is the time.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.48.45 pm

source:crystalinks.com/griffins.html  …  In Greece the griffin was a symbol of vigilant strength; Apollo rode one, and griffins guarded the gold of the Hyperboreans of the far north. The griffin was also an embodiment of Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, and turned her wheel of fortune. In legend the creature was a symbol of superbia (arrogant pride), because Alexander the Great was said to have tried to fly on the backs of griffins to the edge of the sky.

At first also portrayed as a satanic figure entrapping human souls, the creature later became (from Dante onward) a symbol of the dual nature (divine and human) of Jesus Christ, precisely because of its mastery of earth and sky. The solar associations of both the lion and the eagle favored this positive reading. The griffin thus also became the adversary of serpents and basilisks, both of which were seen as embodiments of satanic demons. For some Christ’s Ascension came to be associated with the winged griffin.

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Chanting MMMM

We Live in one of the most exciting times probably in our forever existence. I have been told to really start looking into the creative essence that we all have. The very realisation that we are born with our own little abundance creating machines. I am looking into it and meditating, getting help from my Higher Self and it all seems to be very complicated to start with. Then the more research I do the less complicated it seems to be. Ok, Ok!!!!  I do get help from the higher realms, with dreams and visions pointing out which way to look.

So I had a dream where a friend of mine came to me and said “Donna your a Master Manifester, now time is of the essence”. I turned away from her in the dream to a cash draw, I heard lots of coins dropping into the ch ching ch ching draw. Then I turned back to her and money was just literally dripping out of the palm of my hands.

My research has me looking up ways to activate our own cash draws and would you know it !!!  We have hints left for us every where I turn. The things I resonate with are totally in your face here is part of the secret that I have found so far “Wake up and use it”.

Whilst my research is on going and it is leading me back to why I was given the Sri Yantra you can read about that here.

There are a few things that can get you resonating with making your own abundance in what ever form you choose. Let’s try it and take the sweat out of making it.

The sound MMMM humming boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the body. This was known to Indians and documented 7000 years ago. This energy is the source of creation of all living beings.

“There are a couple of songs listen to the words “What did they know we did not” ….

Crash Test Dummies

George Harrison MMMM My Sweet Lord



Now we have this!!! ” Wolves on Wall Street” what is he chanting as he beats his chest…

Chanting MMMMMM in your meditations believe me will not be a waste of time.

Donna Evans

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In 2011 I was given a living Sri Yantra in a spiritual form. I was wide awake in the early hours of the morning when I heard a vibrational ‘vroom vroom’ sound, then I saw a Sri Yantra. It was alive and so beautiful, it took my breath away. The Sri Yantra entered me through my heart chakra and moved down my front where it came to rest in my base chakra. As this was happening, the words “cleaning your Karma closet” came to me and then it very slowly started moving up through my chakras, cleaning and clearing as it went. After it had finished I fell sound asleep and dreamt I had lots of energy, youth and vitality, I was jumping in puddles and felt younger than I had felt in years. It was lovely. What a gift. I had been wondering ever since that magnificent morning how I could share the amazing experience and vitality the Sri Yantra has given to me, and whilst holidaying on Kauai in Hawaii I was given a clear message – ‘make a vibrational essence’.

 The Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra, believed to have originated in India, although it has come to my attention it is ET Technology, in a form of sacred geometry which was delivered to us thousands of years ago.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra the ‘king of power diagrams’ and says its energetic effect is seventy times greater than that of a Egyptian pyramid construction.

The symbol is exceptionally complicated yet exquisite in design and nature. There are nine interlocking triangles that form a composition of 43 smaller triangles. The central junction, from which these triangles radiate, is the central power point where the physical universe and unmanifest source meet to become creation. If you can visualise the highest, intricate, elusive and invisible power centre- this is where not only the sacred geometry expands from but also  the entire cosmos. The triangles represent both the masculine and the feminine embodiments of the universe and are enclosed, first by 8, then 16 lotus petals which represent the reproductive and creative vital forces which are essential to life. The outer square represents earths four main temple doors which lead us to the other regions of the universe. The 3D version of the Sri Yantra is named ‘Mahameru’ and although it is organised to act as a kind of ‘rubik’s cube’ of power, catering to many technological, architectural and physical manifestations of grandeur, progress and free energy, we have been unable to harness the physical potential and are only just beginning to reawaken its spiritual power in western society. No longer left to myth and legend, we are reawakening to such magnificent and powerful sacred geometry.

Donna Evans

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 Graphic: Wonder Bob

 Full Definition of ALCHEMY. 1 : a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life. (www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/alchemy)

Being Alchemically Wise is number one on my wish list at the moment, bringing mental clarity to this dream of mine is the nature of this article. I have over the last few years been given numbers, my spiritual helpers are calling them codes.  When I fully realise them and use them as suggested, magic happens.

For years I have garnered the help of God/Goddess energies for help with health, wealth and guidance. I tell a lot of people about my little tips and tricks, “the ones that work for me”. Some have come back to me to say I don’t need outside help, I’m a sovereign being I can do for myself. So I think “why do these tips work for me then?” and the person I’m suggesting this to is lacking in this area and asking for help.

I AM THAT, I AM… that comma in this phrase made all the difference in the world to me, so much so  I realise that me asking for a certain God or Goddess for help in what ever area I need at the time, is activating that very part of the I Am in me. Vibration is the key and when we vibrate and align our energies  with the I am presence we can create All chemical/magic.

The key is what God/Goddess energy is used for what purpose?  I have a list here to follow please get to know your chakras and when you want to manifest something know which one corresponds with your needs. I will write down some of my known God/Goddess energy with the Chakra they are most aligned . Please keep in mind the names are different for each Divinity depending on the Spiritual Philosophy you follow.

Some say your chakras are the apples on the Tree of Life (Sushumna). If you clean the apples  from your sacred tree you will attract bees (or raise the vibration…..buzz, buzz).    So if you do this all the apples in your tree will explode in the Garden of Eden sending the boom out to the universe and then remember the Laws of Gravity “what goes up must come down”. Expanding who you are and connecting you to the wisdom we have forever been told we can’t access, but we can if we become the Alchemist and turn ourselves into Gold.

I do not have the classical chakra system here I am taking into account the 2 new Chakras I have dealt with, there are more but not having gone into them myself I don’t feel qualified to add them here at this point.



Divinity-PASHUPATI MAHĀDEVA – form of Shiva

Mantra-Lam-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaNsjE6yFLw

Svādhishthāna Chakra/Sacral

Divinity-BRAHMĀ – creator, consciousness – SARASVATĪ – knowledge, intellect, discrimination (Viveka)

Mantra-VAM  –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ugpQOZlt4

Manipūra Chakra/Navel

Divinity-VISHNU – human consciousness, evolution, fire – LAKSHMI – prosperity and happiness (as opposed to the deception of Māyā)

Mantra-RAM – Brzee  –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9xTNeBtdv0

Anahata Chakra/Heart

Divinity-SHIVA and SHAKTI – consciousness and nature

Mantra-Yam  –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5h7aDfDmjI

Thymus Chakra  

Divinity-? it’s only new still looking

Mantra-Sham – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIkXkFwRbYk

Vishuddhi Chakra/Throat

Divinity-BRAHMĀ – the creator, consciousness

Mantra-Ham –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfY0Z3CjtW8

Āgyā Chakra/3rd Eye

Divinity-SHIVA – consciousness, Self – SHAKTI – nature, Divine Mother

Mantra-Om –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaQCKwxxk8A


Divinity-ĀDI SHIVA – Supreme consciousness, the Supreme Self

Mantra-Om –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaQCKwxxk8A

 Bindu Chakra/Back of Crown

Divinity-SHIVA – Consciousness

Mantra-I am immortal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngCCaLOYWT4

Donna Evans

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Unification Process for Awareness of Original Principles in Collective Consciousness

The Universal Unification Process is intended by the Great Mother to lead us to the original principles by guiding us to the realization of self at the individual and collective levels, allowing us to awaken to higher dimensions of awareness and thus clearly see the consequences, subtle effects and impacts on nature arising from our human behavior, which are creating the great imbalances we are witnessing in all aspects of life.

Declaration Text

Support the Declaration Link

Seen by the Elders there is a cosmic ordering principle that protects the Mother and restores her original rights, as well as humanity’s greater, ancient rights by calling forth our collective whole to internal order. We have analyzed the current state of imbalance in which all societies of the world find themselves as a result of having lost alignment with the life originating principles and mandates. We understand that the original peoples are ones who still maintain continuity with these principles. We see the urgent need to seek shared counsel in order to determine our way back to the origin, which will help us to live within these principles and heal the cultural and spiritual deterioration which has brought chaos to all dimensions of life on the planet.

Currently, there is a biocultural crisis on earth. Half of the world’s cultures have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. Likewise, ecosystems are growing more fragile each day. In spite of existing local and international laws, and significant advances in science and technology Mother Earth and all her beings today confront an ecological crisis that places life itself in jeopardy. We ardently invite global society and governments to embrace and activate a Unification Process which bring forth the natural wisdom of the Original Mandate and transform harmful ways of living to “Living Well”. For example, to alleviate Mother Earth’s fever, transitioning towards clean energies is imperative.

Restoration of the original right of Mother Earth to her natural constitution

Mother Earth’s rights are equivalent to Human Rights. The reactivation of sacred places and sacred sites is vital for the reconstitution of a healthy and balanced life on Earth.

In this task, restoring and reactivating the neglected and injured sites of Mother Earth is urgent. It is necessary to carry out this task on a global level in all biocultural regions of the earth and to revitalize the sacred elements of life: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

The Natural Rights of Mother Earth should be upheld and endorsed by the United Nations System and by national and regional laws.

The designation and protection of sacred areas of Mother Earth are a way to reinforce ancestral wisdom and the very constitution of Mother Earth.

Within this endeavor for cultural preservation, we recognize that songs, dance, music, prayer, restorative ceremonies and other cultural elements are invaluable and important.

The Four Pillars framework, which outlines this Unification Process, was articulated and brought into effect in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Heart of the World, in 2013 in collaboration with UNESCO. This document will be available soon on upliftconnect.com

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John_Bauer-FrejaFreja by John Bauer (1882–1918)

Friday the 13th is a day to celebrate the Goddess of Love, Prosperity and Good Fortune. In ancient times when a 13 month lunar calendar was kept with seven day weeks, there were 13 Friday the 13ths each year and they were considered holy days with ceremonial Celebrations for the Goddess on Friday the 13th also considered a day of Great fortune and luck.
Urban legends has this to say about Friday the 13th… The early Churches went to great lengths to suppress them. If Friday was a holy day for heathens; it must not be so for Christians – Thus it became known in the middle Ages as the “Witches’ Sabbath,”  blah blah… on and on.
The name “Friday” came from a Norse deity worshipped on the Sixth day, known either as Frigg (goddess of marriage and fertility), or Freya (goddess of sex and fertility), or both, the two figures having become intertwined in the handing-down of myths over time (the etymology Of “Friday” has been given both ways. Frigg/Freya corresponded to Venus, The goddess of love of the Romans, who named the sixth day of the week In her honor “dies Veneris.”
There are other superstitions about Friday 13th, but lets try to connect here with the Goddess that lies within our own being. Let’s change all this bad luck nonsense and celebrate this day Friday 13th as a day of Love and bring in our own little bit of Venus and anchor it in our consciousness and wipe out another of a long list of untruths.
Freya of course is only one of many Mother Creation Goddesses, Lakshmi is the one I am most familiar with. Thirteen is certainly the most essentially female number — the average number of menstrual cycles in a year. The approximate number, too, of annual cycles of the moon. When Chinese women make offerings of moon cakes, there are sure to be 13 on the platter. Thirteen is the number of blood, fertility, and lunar potency. Therefore 13 is the lucky number of the Great Mother Creator Goddess.
Switch on the connection and light a candle, bathe in the Love that the number 13 offers us and bring in the vibrations that it was intended for. Give thanks to Freya and get your sexy on.
Donna Evans




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Olrig House, Scotland: Amazing “Grail” Estate

Grail Castle


O grail
Subject: A fine home but also a remarkable opportunity for a major spiritual Center: a “Grail Castle.” This note elaborates on the spiritual dynamics in its grid positioning.  This is advance notice of an important opportunity for establishing a possible vital site for ASCENSION Light-work, Worldwide scope.
Olrig House…
This home is in northern Scotland and is now for sale. As of 2014 it has become a very important grid point in the Planetary Ascension Grid systems (commentary below). This impressive and beautifully kept estate is being placed on the market for sale by the current owner. She would like to see it go back to a Sinclair – the original family who owned it, as it remains very much a “Grail Castle” in the true definition. If not to a Sinclair, than to someone or a group who are conscious of it’s Grail history and would nourish the living flame within it.  Certain phenomena is experienced by the owner and visitors to the house – none of it negative. Aside from some apparent guardian entities, there are large spheres of light (seen by a number of people) and other manifestations which indicate the property’s prominence within a powerful Earth grid.
GRID DESCRIPTION AND SIGNIFICANCE:  First: in reviewing the overall Grid formats: we have a most remarkable note to remember: the main ley line links the SINCLAIR  Girnigoe Castle site in Sinclair’s Bay with the Olrig matrix and new Rose Line north-pole.  This is a strong indication that Clan Sinclair probably knew of this Ley before building or buying the Olrig matrix energy area…. also that the main Rose Line northern origin point has possibly always been in the Sea area but “grounds” in the St. Peter and Holy Rood Episcopal Church site.
GENERAL GRID OVERVIEW:  The Olrig site is the pivotal pole and a very “hot” grid matrix relative to the updated “Ascension” Planetary systems and also the coherent grids formed by each years’ Crop Formations.  The Ley line shown in the photo (300deg T) is made by the 2014 Crop Formations.  It is the base line for a RESHEL GRID that is the primary reference “Teleplane: for the many sub-systems (all of great importance) seen in the attached “Crop Formations 2014″ .kmz Google Earth file.  The base line has its RESH pole in the Lund, Sweden Formation which is a “Flower of Life” format.  This critical geometry is determined by the Czechoslovakia Formation on the ley line. This base-Line from Thurso to the Aegean area is over 1600 miles long. Considering the present timing of Ascension related programs and also its position, the availability of this land and buildings matrix would seem to indicate notable divine interaction.
The Planet  forms a large brain where Europe is the right forebrain. When the Ley is extended it links with the Planetary “Shambala Gate chakra” over the Aegean Sea “Ajna” or “Brow” chakra.  These feed through the Planetary “brain” to Hawaii which is in the “head’s” Alta Major chakra at the occipital area at the top of the spine.  This Hawaiian “Roil/Royale” bipolar chakra sorts out the streaming from the Ajna (brow) and the Metatronic-Stream through the “Shambala Gate” chakra, then the Hawaiian “Royale, Roil” polar system sends the processed information into the total Planetary and Racial Mind/Soul.  (This works in the same way that a normal human system functions.)
 This Olrig matrix is already now very powerful but it will progressively become more so very rapidly as the Planetary Ascension Programs continue to expand and intensify.  The Crop Formations every year progressively expand a coherent, growing Ascension system and program base..  The system can not be used for improper purposes relative to Ascension programs however it will becoming more powerful in a Worldwide frame of reference, applying to any programs headquartered here that benefit the Planet and Race.
SPECIFIC GRID WORK: This commentary includes the use of spiritual dynamics probably known before by Knights Templar Masters in Clan Sinclair.
1. When the present basic RESHEL GRID is rotated CCW 90 degrees the Olrig House is then in the grid’s “Ra Star” point over the capstone of the Great Pyramid found in the basic Reshel system.  This is an EXTREMELY powerful pole, still linking into the highly advanced Metatronic “Shambala Gate” chakra north of the Aegean Sea “Ajna/Brow” chakra.
http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelMeasurements02.pdf  Half of the RESHEL format; lists built-in sub-systems and shows Ra Star point (also used in Crop Formations).
2. A new system is created: a GOLDEN-RATIO RHOMBIC TIME GATE/PILLAR: The home is only 4.1 miles east of the Rose Line which is the primary grid axis for most of the many European Reshel grids… all supporting the GODDESS in Europe’s basic “7” (Sheba) state of being and energetic field. There are TWO main leys that connect a mile north of Thurso, at sea.  They are
(1) the ROSE LINE previously anchored into the ST PETER AND HOLY ROOD EPISCOPAL CHURCH in Thurso, and…
(2) the Reshel base line extended to intersect the extended Rose Line about 1.37 miles north of the Church, in the harbor.  This NEW NORTH-GATE, ORIGIN-POLE for the Rose Line has an important benefit in that the several forms of SEA BEINGS or “Mer People” (for short), can directly access the intersection point  in their grid work coordinated with ours.
The Olrig matrix and New Rose Line origin point form a golden-ratio triangular (basic Reshel rhombus) Time Gate with the Rose Line and Ley Line.  This key grid system organizes and manages an increased capability for synergically powering-up both the Rose Line and the European Crop Formation systems being added to every year.  The NORTH GATE for all temples across Time apparently opens the highest spiritual streaming combined with powerful Star Programs into the Planetary North Pole, thence to Temples in the Planet. The Eastern Pole links with Solar codes.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The “rood” or “rod” is a measurement point, found in the Scot Gaelic … the “Rood Screen” in a church separates the nave and chancel… but is also a description of a ROAD or SHORE-LINE. In effect it correlates with the SERPENT or SHAMIR in the EDEN and Tree Of Life scenario This is important in the HENRY SINCLAIR (circa 1390 CE) understood the Shamir, the ROSE LINE and that the ROSSLYN grid system in Edinburgh fed the Rose Line. He designed his ARMS to show the Shamir creating the Rose Line at Thurso (it runs south to San Sebastian in Spain), and crowned (as the “Serpent Hole”) by the large Edinburgh/Rosslyn grid.
 http://shamiir-orion.org/media/f/87_HenrySinclairArms01.pdf  This is the Arms of HENRY SINCLAIR, who also captained the 1398 CE mission to North America, linking the Nova Scotia “Oak Island: Mazur Chief Chamber“, the “Holy Isle of Ruta”, etc. with the Ascension systems across Time.  This is built-into the Reshel dynamics. (Although the 1398 Voyage is historic, the associated info is from spiritual source.) 
POSSIBLE PARHELION GRID:  The strongest single grid system supporting ROSSLYN CHAPEL is the ancient Parhelion grid marked by the Borthwick Chapel “corner-stone”… its apex then found to have ancient spiral carvings in the stones there. It is possible that there is one with the Olrig point, the southern line being the main ley line connecting Girnigoe Castle and the northern “sun-dog” linking Bergen in Norway.  The angles of offset would have to be about 27-29 degrees rather than the usual 22 degrees.  This is possible but not usual however the powerful system would be well worth having installed.
http://www.atoptics.co.uk/halo/circ1.htm  Shows variable parhelion angles possible beyond 22 degrees.
http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/BorthwickStonePointer01.pdf  important Parhelion grid example at Rosslyn. (Corner Stone at Borthwick Chapel.)
ORGANIZATION OF THE LOCAL GROUNDS: For an energy site of this magnitude and apparent history we can expect to find Temple dynamics in the organization of buildings, walks, ponds, groves. However without detailed drawings and boundary markings we can’t identify the small-area grids. The land-area, especially groves of trees will be as important as the buildings… as with Rosslyn Chapel and the Glen’s ancient key Parhelion grid stretching for many miles over the eastern countryside.
William Buehler
Crestone, Colorado, USA


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                                                                                                                                                                                         Some of us are living in our Hearts and are learning the ancient ways of being, and having watched the rest of humanity, we certainly have come to the cross roads. Navigating this reality as I have found is one of profound confusion at times. What to believe, where to look for the truth? I can not look to our history books, the church or main stream news outlets. Nor can I look to our leaders of Government or State.

Today as I watch the news and the reactions to the news, I know that with out a doubt we as the people of this planet can change these dark days into ones of Light, of true leader ship and total equality.  We can do this, by turning off our TV’s sets, stop giving up our power to governments and other powers outside of us.

I for one have had enough I know I can change my realty simply by living in the heart, learning that if what I am doing is not joy filled, it’s then time to stop and reconnect into the timeless generator we have called our hearts. It’s here we find no duality, it’s here we find our soul, that eternal flame that does not ever die. It’s here we find that the teachings, and the knowledge we have all been craving for.

Once you make the true commitment to live within the realms of this precious jewel in our crowns. We realise that we are the ones we were looking for, we are the Queens and Kings of our own domain. We know then what is true and what is not.

It takes time and practice; often I find I am falling into my old ego ways. Fear, lack, jealousy and guilt are just some of the illusions we mostly live by in this age. Once you start to wake up to the illusions of ego and live more in your heart, after awhile when you do fall out of step you quick smart want back into this space.

The more you practice viewing old patterns and emotions from your heart center hearing these concerns listening to them but not being totally absorbed by them then, the faster you heal and join the spirit that lives forever within us.

Creating our lives in a sustainable way, a joy-filled way, a unified way, shedding all the Illusions that has been built in our society. For a better life for one and all “IT’S THE ONLY WAY”.

Bless us all

Donna Evans


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~ Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid ~


This site DWELLER OF THE THRESHOLD is an offshoot of The Crystalline Matrix, focusing specifically on what my inner-planes mentor calls the Dweller Crystal Skulls and the New Earth Arks – especially the Sacred AN, which was the true Ark of Grace within Mount Sinai. It has now become a “New Earth” Ark, translated into it’s new Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-in-the-Stone (Challenger Peak) at Crestone, Colorado – part of the Sangre de Christo mountain range.

The Dweller Crystal Skulls play a major role with the “new” AN and all the New Earth Arks. There are 72 Dwellers – not all on this planet, as the Metatron group is to be found in a Temple Pyramid on Mars. The rest are with the Earth, either within it’s interior, caverns or a very few given guardianship among the surface humanity.

I have known and written about the Dweller Crystal Skulls and the Sacred An since the 1980’s, but of course more concerning these sacred objects and the over-all dynamic the instigate, is continually being revealed.

The whole topic is way to much to elaborate upon here. If you are interested in learning more bac-history, I suggest to click on the Reference Links tab above.

I lived in Crestone, Colorado for seven years in the 1990’s. I have now lived on the island of Kaua’i since 2004.  It is here that a Dweller Crystal Skull  is sequestered within a cavern inside Mount Wai’Ale’Ale – the font of MU (Lemuria). There is also a Dweller within the Crest-in-the-Stone Retreat of ThothHorRa – my inner-planes mentor, consciously since 1977. It forms an intelligent interface with the Sacred AN in it’s current Thresholding Chamber inside the mountain.

The Kaua’i Dweller was a MU Priestess named Atu’La Hunuapepe. Her crystal skull contains the Living Light encoding making the way for the one whom Thoth calls the “Living 13th Crystal Skull.” More on her can be found on the Reference Links page.

The Crestone Dweller was a male being from Sirius who later embodies as Moses, son of Akhenaten. His name is given to me as Or’Ra Shak.

Both these Dweller Crystal Skulls cannot in the foreseeable future be taken from their cavern locations out into the “world domain” – exposed to the mass consciousness. Yet they have been awaiting their time to come forth through surrogate or what Thoth calls Host crystal skulls.

This time has now come.

The Crestone/Baca area of the San Luis Valley in Colorado and the island of Kaua’i are invisibly linked in the process of activating the Pyramids Radius Matrix – THE Matrix that will be the bridge between the Old and the New Earth. These two locations are key to this process, both being major nodes in the “Ascension Temple” Grid of the planet….and containing their other unique etheric and physical properties as well. This is a vast topic, which again, cannot be detailed here…the Related Links page will help flesh some of it in for you.

What prompted me at this time to create this blog site is as follows . . .

There are two ideal Host crystal skulls now in Crestone. The male (Or’Ra ’Mus – Keeper of the Way) will stay in Crestone, in the guardianship of Edie Cooper and William Buehler. The female Host skull (Atu’La Shee Lima  – White Queen) is to be hand-delivered to me here on Kaua’i in January of 2015. SHE will undergo several sacred ceremonial activations at different locations on the planet: Garden of the Gods, in Colorado; Hopi Land in Arizona; Vancouver Island, B.C. and lastly, at Lake Titicaca, Peru (where Thoth’s other of two Retreats is located).

Then, on January 21st, 2015 the White Queen will undergo her final “wedding” to the Dweller in the sacred mountain here. Within the same period of time, the Keeper of the Way will unite with His Dweller counterpart in Crestone.

What is next? It will all unfold as intended and this website will keep you informed of the process, beginning with the “baptisim” of the two Host Crystal Skulls in Crestone, before they are physically separated and the White Queen embarks on her journey to eventually arrive into my guardianship, here on the island of Kaua’i – remnant of MU.

The marvelous young, golden Mu Priestess who shall be the travelling companion to Atu’La Shee Lima – the White Queen, is Lynn McCallum, whom Thoth calls Celest’Ra.





As Celest’Ra travels with the White Queen to these above-mentioned sacred site, I will post on this blog snippets of her experience with the QUEEN along with some photographs.

~ Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid ~


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