We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

Daemon as: “A symbol of the Higher Self”

G.A. Gaskell’s “Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths” defines Daemon as: “A symbol of the Higher Self, or of the Individuality in the causal body.” My inner-planes mentor, Thoth’s interpretation to me of Daemon is the greater spiritual spark within one that comes through the elemental aspects of the being to demonstrate it’s LIGHT and SPIRIT directives to the personality and conscious being. It offers guidance and clarity of course to the elemental drive of the incarnated aspect of the soul.

Guardian of the New Earth

My Guardian and Guide into the “New Earth Hologram” the planet is currently expanding to embrace.The White Lion embues me with the STRENGTH and MAJESTY of purpose and focus. It carries me through the obsticales I create which hold me back…

Album: My Daemons (Spirit Animals) 

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This is a beautiful touching tale I have to tell, my relationship with Gaia is deepening on a level that is akin to a deep, close friendship. I have been on a short holiday to my birth place, an island state of Australia called Tasmania (Tasmanian Devil country).

Whilst here I made some time to do meditations, my immune system is compromised and I am trying to activate the new Thymus Chakra. I’ll have more news on this as it progresses because I believe in our increasingly toxic world, our health and wellbeing are under mounting assault–both physically and spiritually. Now more than ever we need innovative and effective methods of boosting the immune system and strengthening the body’s subtle energy systems that support our physical health and wellbeing.

Whilst doing the guided mediation I was joining my energy with Gaia’s, I was surprised that she grabbed me in a playful way and tickled me, not that it should have surprised me because it’s not the first time it’s happened. If you connect with her you’ll see she is very bright and cheerful and very playful. Even with all she has to endure! her spirit is not dampened and her love for her human children has never faulted. Sometimes when I am in mediation or just out in nature I feel her reaching out and holding my hand. I love this connection and treasure every moment things like this happen. She is not just here for the mystics, ascended masters and healers, she is here for any one who wants to connect honestly if you take the time it’s magic.

But whilst doing this mediation after she grabbed me and lightened my mood, I said “Gaia I have to finish this mediation” and I was about to leave when she said “Donna I am coming with you and doing the mediation too I need healing as well”. I was in tears, trying to carry on in the guided mediation with Gaia was aggghhhhh so magical and soooo sad as well.

We got through till the end and for the next few nights my dreams weren’t great, I was doing some major cleansing. Then, after a couple of nights Gaia came to me and asked me to write out a heart felt piece about her and her plight at the moment. She showed me in a vision of an airplane with pretty pink baskets and then the pilots throw the contents out of the windows. The contents of the baskets, and what came out was black, yukky, smelly, horrible chemicals.

I knew what she was showing me because in this pretty little island of Tasmania we had been bombarded with Chemtrails  this is only one link below but you can google it yourself or even just take note of the sky. What you think is just jet vapor or con trails is actually poison being sprayed of out planes. Geo engineering is the offical government word for it,  I googled and it’s there in black and white on the Australian Government site http://www.chiefscientist.gov.au/2012/04/ops1/.

                                                      Check your own local governments site.

Some call them cloud seeding. Unlike jet vapors they don’t disappear in only seconds but spread out and turn the blue sky hazy.

It is not a conspiracy… it is a fact!!!!  it is happening, and now Gaia in my dream says it is not only making US brain dead but it is killing everything else.

I wandered if any one has done any research on why the Tasmanian Devils are facing extinction from a cancerous growth. I googled and got nothing, because we are not believing in chemtrails. In Tasmania there is a condition with the trees called die back and this means the gum trees are dying at an alarming rate.  I really wish someone would take a look and investigate these as well.



It is so timely that Gaia herself asked me because it has been very much on my mind since a video I watched a few weeks ago,  I’ll put the link up at the end of this article, but it basically is spelling out the extinction of human kind, animals and trees are already going down this path through various means. But the global warming due to this practice is a very real and an immediate danger.

Because I believe in the spirit world I am praying for a miracle, as so many others out there are doing. I am also raising my vibration, clearing and cleaning my past and this is the process I call “Ascension”. This is a piece to raise awareness for Gaia and humanity and all the creatures and nature on this beautiful planet.  This is not an agenda for making people fearful or mad,  once we are awake to these practices, it is my hope to help you raise your vibration. There are many great teachers out there who can show you how to process all of these feelings and “fear” is one of the original sins. I will also be teaching how to release yourself from fear and put a stop to the games that this 3d reality pushes us to play.

The video was given to me from a very trusted source who agonised over whether to  tell the world about this, is now saying guys it’s crunch time. Lesley Temple Thurston a very valued mystical teacher of mine says this and was instrumental in getting this new information out and having Gaia coming to me and asking to write about it as well. I am not coming from a place of fear but for the love of Gaia.

Bless us all


The Methane Gas Video most important to watch ……FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA


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Walking With the Star Lions ~ a Shamanic Journey ~

Star Lion Shield

This is the continuation of the topic of the Star Lions .

Walking With the Star Lions
~ a Shamanic Journey ~
by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

from Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God by Linda Tucker:

Because we are Stars, we must walk the sky. . .

– a traditional song of Bushmen Lion Shamanism

Mystery of the White Lions
Correlations to the Thoth Material

In her masterful book, Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God, Linda Tucker relates the incredible story of the white lions of Timbavati, in South Africa. As I wrote in my first article on this subject:

In the Timbavati region of South Africa sometime over 400 years ago, during the reign of Queen Numbi, there was seen a streaking light in the heavens, falling to earth. Not longer after this, the golden lions of Timbavati began giving birth to pure white offspring. The African Elders call these white lions “Tsimba-vaati”, which in the ancient Shangaan language means “the place where star lions came down from the heavens”. They also refer to them as the “Children of the Sun God.”

The lion priest Mutwa revealed to Linda Tucker the meaning of the name Timbavati – “the place of coming down.” He then proceeded to tell Linda the story, which the bushmen of Timbavati consider to be authentic history, of Queen Numbi’s encounter with the star object and the Shining One. Numbi, a Rain Queen of her people, was prostrate from illness in her hut one night, when a blazing object streaked across the sky and came to earth only miles from her village. She instructed her women to help her to walk, and slowly the traversed the distance to where the object sat upon the earth. It was spherical light, “sitting like a newborn sun upon the ground.” From it emitted a humming synchronicity.

After awhile, a “God” emerged from the bluish light. He was like the shining light, so she could not see his facial features, seeing only the outline of his body. The being raised his hand in salutation to her, and she approached him, leaving her servant women cowering behind her. She was taken into the light with the being. The spherical “star” then rose into the sky and accelerated into the heavens. It is said that at a later time, Queen Numbi did return to her people, with great wisdom to share.

Many years after the star object had landed, in this very region of Africa white animals began to be born. These were not albinos, but true genetically white creatures – among them antelope, impala and eland. Some of these with only one horn instead of two, and with blue eyes. There were some white elephants, baboons and leopards as well and. . . the white lions, many with blue eyes! While the other “White Ones” eventually disappeared, the White Lions continued to be born. More recently, it has been discovered that the Timbavati is especially high in radioactivity. It is postulated by Linda Tucker and others that the “star sphere” having landed there may have emitted a strong radioactive field.

When I wrote my first article on the Star Lions, I had not yet read Linda Tucker’s book, having only seen her website at the time. I had very much wanted a copy, however, and then a friend let me know that she had a copy of this book (not knowing I even knew about it), and offered to let me borrow it! An intended synchronicity, no doubt.

I have written on the Sun Lords of the Telos.Aarkhara as beings with the body of a human and the head of a lion. The lion shaman told Linda Tucker that their “highest gods” possessed the head of a lion and the body of a human being. As Linda points out in her book, the Sphinx has the head of a man and the body of a lion. I find this significant, as the Companions of Horus whom I know of as the Nefer’Ratem are the Guardians of the Sphinx and the grid it anchors in the earth. From my akashic perspective, the sphinx holds one “charge” of a field of light, which is anchored at the other end in the Timbavati. Linda Tucker suggests something similar in The Mystery of the White Lions.

The lion priest Mutwa spoke to Linda Tucker about the Abangafi Bapakade – the Shining Ones, who are brilliant leonine ones helping to bring love, light and truth to the humans of our earth.

These, I believe, are what Thoth calls the “Sirian Sun Lords” – the Lion-Headed Ones of the Telos.Aarkhara. Mutwa’s own guide and guardian is a being whom I believe is probably an aspect of Sekhmet. Mutwa describes her to Linda as one of the eternal ones working with the evolution of this planet.

The white lions are understood by the indigenous people of the Timbavati as custodians and messengers of the Shining Ones. These white creatures are indeed shining ones themselves, for they are over lighted and animated by the “Gods” of the stars. Although a relatively new (some 400 years ago) presence in the Timbavati, the white lions are referred to by the lion priest Mutwa as being very ancient beings that are as “old as life itself.”

Not far from Timbavati are the ruins of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe. In her book, Linda Tucker writes about the connection between the Star Lions and the master builder of Zimbabwe. She entitles this chapter “Great Zimbabwe: Resting Place of the Lion.” The lion shaman Mutwa revealed to Linda that the design of the Great Zimbabwe complex was an astronomically correlated to the Sirian star system. This certainly aligns with Thoth’s revelations to me on the Sirian Sun Lords.

In conclusion to Linda Tucker’s chapter on the Resting Place of the Lion, she writes that both Timbavati and Zimbabwe were laid out on precisely the same degree of longitude. . . the same longitude as the Great Sphinx of Giza at 31’14’ east.

I was especially interested in the chapter in Linda’s book entitled “Lion Priests and Eagle Shamans.” To the Bushmen, the eagle is venerated alongside the lion. The Zulu would never kill an eagle or a lion, believing them both to be divine creatures of the heavens. Thoth has opened the akashic scroll for me in the past about the “Stareagles” race, whom he also calls the “Shepherds”. These are a branch of the “Solarians” of the Sun Bow Klan.

Here we have a lot of titles that could be confusing and it is not the purpose of this particular article to delve into separating it all out. For the sake of what I am pursuing here, I will simply say that the “Stareagles” are a star race who were the primary Seeders of this planet. They worked in tandem with the Sirian Sun Lords in anchoring the temples of LIGHT (the grids of divine assemblage) on earth, and genetically opening pathways to strengthen and re-generate a “lost” code of humanity, easing it back toward it’s true nature. When I use the word “lost” here, it is only meant to infer a stage of an intended process of divine experience for souls, for nothing is truly lost or fallen or forgotten. As an aside, many years ago I was given by Thoth the totemic name of “Star Eagle.”

Mutwa told Linda Tucker that he was descended from a “select priesthood” that had its origins with beings of a divine nature named Wandau [lion] and Ntswana [eagle or hawk].

Mutwa referred to these beings as being “imbued with stellar powers.”

Beast of Truth
Beast of Truth
by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

Mutwa spoke of the four steps of initiation for the lion shaman, the fourth stage being the evolution into the lion-eagle/hawk-man-serpent identity, the “Guardian of Sacred Knowledge” known mythologically as the ‘gryphon’. To the indigenous Africans it is the Npenvu – the Beast of Truth.

Thoth refers to the gryphon as a “morphic creature.” Such a being, so he tells me, is created through eons of souls in this dimension or higher realms, focusing certain specific lines of creation energy into a cauldron of etheric malleability. . . a “soup” of new form and dimension. From this amalgam of energies emerges the morphic creatures, their purpose being to bring together specific force fields of creative power and strength as a means to transform, enlighten and sustain the cosmic SEED of generation in the worlds of the universes of LIGHT. The gryphon/Npenvu Thoth refers to by it’s even more ancient aloii name of Amsk’Adii. The Lemurians communed with these beings in their temples and some priests even rode upon their back in states of what the Eastern traditions call ‘samadhi.’

Nefer'Ratem Medallion
Guardians of the Sphinx
by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

On page 242 of Mystery of the Star Lions Linda Tucker writes about the “Vitruvian Man” as drawn by DaVinci. She states that this image may have been originally connected to the concept of star gods. I find this interesting, as Thoth guided me to use the Vitruvian Man in the medallion I created from my article on the Nefer’Ratem.

The wanton “canned” hunting of the White Lions of Timbavati had eliminated them from the wild until recently. Thanks to Linda Tucker and her colleagues, they are now being re-introduced into protected areas.

Linda Tucker summarizes my own akashic perceptions when she writes in Mystery of the White Lions that the white lions are truly radiant beings of light incarnated in lion form that embody the solar logos.

Star Lions of the Light Fields

The “light fields” of Numis’OM are what Thoth calls the etheric webbing holding together the moving streams of ether into which the New Earth Star, and thus Numis’OM is building, creating, shifting and constantly renewing it’s dimension and substance. In the electro-magnetic realm of our current earth, the “webbing” is much denser and more magnetic. This creates a certain stability in what “is” and what “isn’t”. For instance, if you set an apple down on the table, you can be reasonably certain that when you return to it five minutes later, it will still be an apple and not an orange!

In such realms as Numis’Om and our own “inner earth”, apples may shift to oranges quite easily, just as an ocean current will take away a palm frond from the beach and replace it with a shell. However, beings who dwell in these realms are equipped with certain crystalline packets in the brain and DNA which allow them to access these changes and move with them in a way that is coherent and productive. This will be a whole topic for an article in the future, but enough said for now, just impart an idea about the light fields of Numis’OM.

As the light fields dance. . . expanding, contracting and re-locating, so they create splendorous auroras in the skies of Numis’OM. Beneath these heavenly light shows are sweeping plains surrounded by high mountains. This “reality” is a first level being generated by the light fields. A second or third level would look quite differently. You do not get from the first to the second level by moving through space-time from one point to another. You shift the crystalline patterns in your body. . . and there you are!

The first level of the light fields is the region that is guardianed by the White Lions. It is the entry point of Numis’OM. The White Star Lions in the ascended state (of Numis’OM) are truly “Shining Ones” – their whiteness beyond the brilliance we know on earth. Then, all the colors and contrasts of Light in Numis’OM are exceedingly luminous and vivid.

I am especially moved to learn from Idoris, the Lion – Headed Sun Lord, that the White Lions who are being massacred for profit in Timbavati are assuming ascended states in Numis’OM as a distinct tribe of Light Beings, working to assist the natural realm of earth in it’s re-genesis. This special “tribe” Idoris calls “Kimbaza.” Among the Kimbaza are those Lion-Ones who incarnated as golden lions carrying the white gene, being also true “Star Lions” under the flesh.

The Kimbaza Star Lions hold like a flaming wand, the light of COMPASSION for humanity. . . they who were killed by humans for profit. . . indeed, bred and raised to be released into regions specifically to be killed by the highest bidder. Thoth further enlightened me that this is their CHRISTIC MISSION. . . not only to forgive, but to ENLIGHTEN those souls who partake in such unconscious murder. Just how do the Kimbaza enlighten them? Thoth replied to me that this comes through the dreamstate and through presenting these individuals with life scenarios, while perhaps not pleasant, will nevertheless be instructive! This is the aspect of Sekhmet that the Kimbaza demonstrate to the darker side of humanity. They do this not out of revenge, but LOVE.

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Star Lions of Numis’Om


A new contributor for Hearts Ascension find more about Maia on the About Us page

Star Lion

by Maia Nartoomid

Star Lions of Numis’Om
by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

Murry Hope, in her book “The Lion People – Intercosmic Messengers from the Future” writes about the lion-like beings from Sirius. She calls them the Pashat. Through my akashic insights and communion with Thoth, I have written on the Lion-Headed “Sun Lords” of Sirius, who guardian the energetic capstone (Telos.Aarkhara) set over the “Eye of Ra” – a universal locus, which has been exposed to instability since the universal tear, or schism of space-time in this universal eons ago. The Telos.Aarkhara has been created by Universal Intelligences to keep this “eye” or node in balance. The Sun Lords, or a faction of them, use their tremendous energy focus to constantly re-calibrate the capstone.

In the Timbavati region of South Africa sometime over 400 years ago, during the reign of Queen Numbi, there was seen a streaking light in the heavens, falling to earth. Not longer after this, the golden lions of Timbavati began giving birth to pure white offspring. The African Elders call these white lions “Tsimba-vaati”, which in the ancient Shangaan language means “the place where star lions came down from the heavens”. They also refer to them as the “Children of the Sun God.”

From the Akasha it has been revealed to me that the “star lions” of Timbavati were seeded into the then-present golden lion population by the Sirian Sun Lords through a cosmic event in the skies over Africa. This event consisted of an merkabah of pure energy coming into contact with the DNA of a specific species of lion already then present in Timbavati. The resultant white lions are thus a product of human lions and genetically engineered Sirian lions. . . not “Sun Lords”, ie lion-human forms, but a true “lion”, yet with a bridging crystalline sequence in the DNA that will in the future allow this species to open a path for reunion with the “Pashat” strain or tribe to come once again into our midst. What purpose would this serve? The Lion Ones are savants of our future worlds who hold a key to our own evolution. Perhaps not as intimately as do the cetaceans (who are actually a branch of our past-future species), but nevertheless the Lion Ones are among us now. . . incarnating as humans and guiding us at key moments in time. In their true forms, they sing to us the song of our future potential as solar beings beyond our current star-sun.

In the Numis O’m (current evolving level of our future New Earth Star) the Lion Ones are present. Their part is to generate energy and maintain stability of the matrix and many grids within it of the evolving world field.

In communion with the Lion-Headed Sun Lord, Idoris, I received the following transmission. Note that all names given are for our benefit, as the communication of the Lion Ones is largely telepathic, keying off of specific guttural (yet strangely melodious) sounds.

Idoris: Our history was born from the flame of Kham, a world in the 5th Universe, according to our matrix. It was on Kham that the leonine forms developed and merged with the human-like beings that were then present there. This merging was part of a greater plan to unite two golden strains of life that had long ago shared one crucible…as it is on your world between the cetaceans and earth humans.

From Khan, we migrated into the realms of Sirius, to the planet Isuma. Not all of our race, which we will call here Ichatua, are “Sun Lords” this title is more appropriate for those of us who guardian and maintain the capstone over the Eye of Ra — the Telos.Aarkhara. As Sun Lords we are reconcilers of the solar emanations as they penetrate planets within our matrix, such as your earth.

If you touch our matrix we may come to you in vision or Dreamtime and feed you from the flame we guardian in the sacred capstone, for we are the Dwellers on the Threshold of your cosmic being.

Maia: How may we touch your matrix?

Idoris: By connecting to the pure flame of the SOL’RA – the solar center of being, the Golden-White Sun. As you so intend and visualize this center it shall be made known to you.

Maia: Idoris is referring here to the Golden-White Sun of the 144,000 star-suns. As I write in Volume 02, 1996 (TD-9602) of Temple Doors, in the article “Through the Mouth of the Lion”:

“…the Golden-White Sun is the embodiment of totality which is defined in the complete harmony of the 144,000 star-suns composing what Thoth calls the ‘Divine Body’ or Yesuarta Kominghi. This Divine Body contains light codes for the complete template of the Hue-mon Being, the Adam Kadmon. Thoth has spoken of the ‘Foundation Stars’ previously, which he defines as: ‘Those incorporations of Living Lights which were received in divine consecration in the beginning of creation as a foundation stone for the universal temple as it is revealed to the worlds of being within the divine eschaton.’

Yet even the Foundation Stars, so Thoth tells me, are within the Yesuarata Kominghi, which is a greater body, including all components of the Heaven Temple.”

Idoris: Our plight, our purpose as Sun Lords is to reflect the Yesuarata Kominghi. The Divine Body is in the understanding of your planetary identification, the “Body of Christ”, for it radiates the Pure Flame of the Christic Consciousness through the universe and beyond.

Maia: Why do you choose the leonine partial form to merge with the human body?

Idoris: The leonine form is reflected in your natural world from a larger template of creation. . . that from which we as a race, arise.

Maia: Tell us more about the “star lions” of Timbavati. Do you, as Sun Lords, work through them in some way on earth?

Idoris: They are part of our Presence. Yet they are animals. . . creatures of the earth, as well. As they hold our Presence, so we radiate through them a vibration into the planet.

Maia: As I understand it, the star lions were entirely eradicated through hunting from the wild of South Africa. Only now are plans underway to re-introduce them to the wild of the natural homeland in Timbavati. How important it is that this re-introduction take place?

Idoris: It will happen as intended. Just as it was necessary for the star lions to go into the world on humankind, so it is now intended that they return to their seeding ground.

Maia: The archetype Sekhmet, as a Mother-energy being of universal proportions holds the flame of the Lion Ones, for She offers us a portal into their realm, which is really an aspect of our own being. Understand that every creature on this earth is an aspect of our life expression on earth, or it would not be present here with us. It is interesting that Sekhmet was called “The Eye of Ra” by the ancient Egyptians. Her name means “she who is powerful”. I have been shown that she is represented in the Black Madonna, as one who waits to be known in the Heart of the Lion.

It was revealed to me in the Akasha that Mu (Lemuria), the Motherland of humankind on earth, the divine feminine was depicted as “Mu-Lha“, The love-light breath of creation. She was seen in several different forms — each one intended to represent an aspect of her nature. One of these forms was a lion-headed woman, carrying a golden and white sphere in one hand intended to represent the Golden-White Sun or later to be called the “Eye of Ra”. In the other hand she held a dijti, which was an object that looked like a small whip with three strands attached to it. These were the three waves or universal streams that compose our working universal system. As “Tushbah” the Lion One, so Mu-Lha became a builder of world matrices, much like the Sun Lords of Sirius. Tushbah was black in color, with large golden eyes. her blackness was the void before creation and also that which is hidden until LIGHT is brought from the Golden-White Sun of what we would call “Christ Consciousness” to illuminate the All.

Sun Lord Shield

Sun Lord Shield
by Maia Nartoomid

Idoris: I give this symbolic mandala as a contact point for accessing our matrix (see Sun Lord Shield above). Move into the center of the mandala and then out again…back and forth until the Golden-White Sun is visible in your brow (third eye). It is then that you may experience with us that which we offer the human element of earth: insight into the future design that is in actuality, already within you.

The accompanying mantra: AL’OUMEM ATABA REY

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closed-door2For the past two weeks my life has been surrounded by the theme of closure in such a profound way.  I have learned many things from this physical experience that I would like to share.  This comes from my personal experience and not from a self-help book.

Most people look for closure in all the wrong places and never find it.  Simply because you find it within yourself, not without.  You won’t find it in groups, books, other individuals, food, drink etc….  You find it by learning why you experienced what you did and accepting it as the bigger picture of you. The strangest thing of all  is that it’s not closure you’re searching for, or at least this was my experience.

The word “closure” can give the wrong impression when it comes to doing inner spiritual work.  Some feel if they close the door on the experience and just don’t give it energy then it will go away.  Some feel they find closure by getting answers to unanswered questions, which just leads to more questions – and which in turn can drive one into a pit of “what if’s” and “if I only,” thoughts.  True monkey mind madness.

I fell into this pit because I was trying to find closure with something very complicated and messy while being surrounded by many amazing souls who were involved in the situation with me.  I climbed out of this pit of craziness by doing inner alchemy.  I completely took everyone else out of the picture and only focused on myself.

It wasn’t the other people I needed closure with; it was only with one person, and that was ME.  I have been doing inner work for a long time, but this was the largest scenario I have experienced because the decision I made affected so many people.

I stopped thinking about the why’s and focused on the how’s.

1.  How do I end something with the right energy and begin a new path without locking away the experience from my thoughts?

2.  How do I stop the pain?

3.  How do I get to the point of transmutation where I can think about the experience I am closing with happy thoughts and zero negativity?

That is true inner alchemy…changing the energetic polarity within myself…  Changing the vibration of my inner self and changing the chemistry of my body.  Alchemy de-evolved into chemistry and took out the personal spiritual experience entirely.

I started with the spiritual first and decided that I am not finding closure…I am not closing anything. I am finding healing, and healing is not final like closing a door.  That is when the door I was trying so desperately to close all along just flew open and hit me in the head.

I made a list of what I hated about the experience.  Then I realized what I hated the most was my greatest teacher. I just needed to switch the alchemical energy of what I hated.  I didn’t worry about switching it to a positive because that was impossible with some of the issues…   Instead I decided to remove the “yuck” from the experiences and whatever was left was the lesson frequency.

I then made a list of what I learned opposite of what I hated.  I could really feel the energy of the events changing.  I could feel my energy changing quickly.  I didn’t close a thing, I just changed the energy in the events and the emotions, which changed the energy in my field.  I felt very new and different.

We are healing Mind, Body and Spirit when trying to find healing (closure).  When I healed my spiritual energy, my mind changed the way I viewed everything.  All is mind as taught in the Kybalion.

Now, it was time to heal the physical body.  Our physical body vibrates at a level, and our soul/spirit vibrates at a level, they are both combined in the heart center and that is your total vibratory rate.  My physical body took a beating from the emotional energy I was carrying.  For this I boosted up my healthy eating, used oils, salts, energy work, crystals, reflexology, meditation, EFT, and just about anything I could think of.

I could feel the healing of my Mind, Body and Soul….it all merged into my heart and increased my total frequency which is in the heart center.  I finally realized that I didn’t need to close anything or find closure. Closure wasn’t what I was looking for after all.  I learned you can’t find anything by closing a door. I also didn’t really need to find anything.  It was inside of me the whole time.  I just had to open my inside and take a peek, and what I found was beautiful and not as scary as I thought.  I openly forgave myself and all those involved.  I respected every single person’s journey and how it affected mine, and I felt such a closeness to them.

When I was done, I sealed that portal of time…that timeline door that I wanted so desperately to close forever…with the most heartfelt energy of unconditional love that I have ever felt…and so it was done.

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This is a short article from my Inner Knowing, I feel I am getting an idea on the mechanics of creation. This is by no means complete and I feel only the 1st of a series,  for those interested in the mechanics of how we create, this is my interpretation.

When I think about the times in the past when I have created the situations or material things that I wished for, it basically comes down to the fact I wanted them enough I felt them in my heart first. That first spark of creation will come back in positive form if you check where it is first birthed. If it is from the heart, great!!! If it is from a place of fear, frustration or from a place of competition it is not coming or birthing from a place of Love and if it is not from there, think about the end result, it will not be as good or even greater than you imagined.

Karma is all about where the idea  to do anything is birthed. Even YOUR thoughts the tiniest thoughts are energy and this energy is magnetised to come back to you.

That is why I have started to honestly feel where I’m at or least check in with myself every time I feel ill-at-ease. This is also called living in the “Now” checking how you feel now and moving into your Neutral Self to feel and recognise where this ill-feeling is coming from. Recognising that you need to move it on into the Light is as easy as wanting to let it go and watch or check every now and then.                       donnaI also chant mantra’s my guidance told me that it’s like having a floatation device a way of keeping me afloat in the Higher Realms of the Heart, Aum is the most powerful of all mantras.  When I feel upset or out of sorts I chant.

It is so good to chant Aum seven or more times before and after each meditation.  Chanting “Aum” puts you in harmony with the vibration of Eternity.  “Aum” opens the gateway to the infinite highway of light.

So this Heart based creating is so very important when you are in the process of wanting, knowing where the push to birth this new thing is coming from. Be in the Now and create from a place of Love and the only thing that will be born into your reality is a Loving Creation.

Donna Evans

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Alan Watts Whale Fantasia

The Whales, Music and the Girls are amazing, but the real jewels are in the words which Alan Watts speaks. And they are not just words, they come from a deeper place, a timeless Wisdom  that nudges people to wake up to themselves.


 Taken from Wikipedia: Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. Born in Chislehurst, he moved to the United States in 1938 and began Zen training in New York. Pursuing a career, he attended Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, where he received a master’s degree in theology. Watts became an Episcopal priest then left the ministry in 1950 and moved to California, where he joined the faculty of the American Academy of Asian Studies.

Watts gained a large following in the San Francisco Bay Area while working as a volunteer programmer at KPFA, a Pacifica Radio station in Berkeley. Watts wrote more than 25 books and articles on subjects important to Eastern and Western religion, introducing the then-burgeoning youth culture to The Way of Zen (1957), one of the first bestselling books on Buddhism. In Psychotherapy East and West (1961), Watts proposed that Buddhism could be thought of as a form of psychotherapy and not a religion. He also explored human consciousness, in the essay “The New Alchemy” (1958), and in the book The Joyous Cosmology (1962).

Towards the end of his life, he divided his time between a houseboat in Sausalito and a cabin on Mount Tamalpais. His legacy has been kept alive by his son, Mark Watts, and many of his recorded talks and lectures are available on the Internet. According to the critic Erik Davis, his “writings and recorded talks still shimmer with a profound and galvanizing lucidity.”[3]

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Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise

There has never been a more important time to focus on awakening our consciousness, to become informed and to help heal the Earth. Please use your hearts not your head when you watching this, getting angry is not the way forward. We are in dire straits unless we awaken to the miracle that is our Mother Earth she is the only Star that our lives depend on.

Researcher Jennifer Hynes offers a riveting, comprehensive, scientific Power Point presentation about the Arctic atmospheric “methane global warming veil”, a spiral of runaway global warming.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.08.21 PMCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE YOUTUBE

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An Apple a day keeps the Dr away

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.38.20 AM

Apples are a crunchy, sweet, and satisfying snack that have immune boosting and disease preventing properties. They are a highly alkaline fruit that have the ability to quench both an immediate and cellular-level thirst. Apples are also an amazing detoxifier and contain both malic and tartaric acids that help remove impurities from the liver and gallbladder. Eating two apples or more a day can aid in the prevention of colon, liver, breast, prostate, and lung cancer and can also dramatically decrease the risk of a stroke. Apples are especially rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. They have been shown to be beneficial for neuro-degenerative problems such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as for bronchial problems such as asthma. Apples have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and provide significant results for those suffering with autoimmune disorders such as Addison’s disease, Cardiomyopathy, Celiac disease, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis. Apples contain pectin which is a gel-like fiber that can prevent the putrefaction of protein in the digestive tract. Pectin works like an intestinal broom to clean and sweep out debris from the colon. This is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from constipation or impactions. Apple pectin has also been shown to bind with radioactive residues and toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury and safely remove them from the body. One more benefit of apple pectin is that it has the ability to limit the amount of fat our adipose cells can absorb by building a barrier that naturally controls the buildup of fat in the body which makes it a great choice for any weight loss program. Try making a super quick and easy nutritious applesauce by blending 2 raw apples with 3 dates and a pinch of cinnamon in the food processor. It is a vibrant, healthy treat that both kids and adults will love.

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Using Baking Soda as a Dry Shampoo

McKenzies_Bi_Carb_Soda_main_1Guest Writer: Surviving The Stores

Have you guys heard of something called “no poo”?  It’s getting more and more popular these days as more people get frustrated with all of the chemicals that are in their everyday shampoo and conditioner.  While there are many organic/natural shampoos and conditioners on the market, they are typically VERY expensive.

So, in comes the “no poo” concept.  The theory behind it is that our hair only gets greasy because we strip the natural oils from it everytime we shampoo our hair.  Our scalp then has to overcompensate, so it releases more oils than it should and our hair ends up looking super oily until we wash those excess oils out again.  The proponents of “no poo” say that if we allow our scalp to readjust to not having shampoo and conditioner (which usually takes around 1-2 months) then our hair will look shiny, clean, and non-greasy all the time without the use of shampoos and conditioners.  They still use things (like baking soda, lemons, vinegar, etc…) to wash their hair, just not anything with chemicals.

I tried the “no poo” concept a few times several years back and could never get past the adjustment stage.  There would always be somewhere that I had to go to during that time where I just couldn’t get away with not having my hair shampooed.  So I would cave in and be back to square 1.  (Plus, I just REALLY like the smell of shampoo and conditioner!!)

So… I’ve decided to compromise.  I use shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times per week, and the rest of the time I just use baking soda as a dry shampoo to keep the oiliness in check.  It has worked out great so far and I am very pleased with the results.

Here’s how I use it:

1st – flip your head upside down over the tub (baking soda is great for your skin, so I like it in the tub much better than on the bathroom floor)

2nd – pour about 1/8 of a cup of baking soda in your hand

3rd –  distribute the baking soda with your hands evenly through your hair starting close to your scalp (but not on your scalp)

4th –  flip your head right side up and brush or comb your hair until it gets back to its normal color (btw, if you haven’t started to go gray yet, be prepared for the shock when you look in the mirror of seeing what you will likely look like in 10-20 years) :)

5th – style your hair like you usually do

Be careful not to get the baking soda actually ON your scalp.  In my experience it’s next to impossible to get it off your scalp without just washing your hair out.

If you want to try out the “no poo” concept, my friend Crystal over at The Thrifty Mama has been doing it for a while with great success (i.e. her hair looks great!!)  She has it all lined out step by step how it works, so if you are wanting to go in that direction, I highly recommend reading through what she has to say about going no poo.

So, what do you think?  Are you brave enough to try the “no poo” thing?  What about dry shampoo?  Is there anything else you use on your hair instead of regular shampoo and conditioner?

Source: http://www.survivingthestores.com/using-baking-soda-as-a-dry-shampoo.html

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