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Alan Watts Whale Fantasia

The Whales, Music and the Girls are amazing, but the real jewels are in the words which Alan Watts speaks. And they are not just words, they come from a deeper place, a timeless Wisdom  that nudges people to wake up to themselves.    Taken from Wikipedia: Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 […]

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Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise

There has never been a more important time to focus on awakening our consciousness, to become informed and to help heal the Earth. Please use your hearts not your head when you watching this, getting angry is not the way forward. We are in dire straits unless we awaken to the miracle that is our […]

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Our Sacred Land, Our Identity Open Letter from Aboriginal Elder ‘Auntie’ Beve: “Protect Our Sacred Women’s Fertility Site from Mining”

  6th January 2014 By Auntie Beve Special Guest Writer for Wake Up World My Tribal name is Goolabeen. I am a fully Initiated Law and Medicine Woman of the Alleyerwere Tribe of Utopia from the Central Desert of Australia. But I am better and more widely known as Auntie Beve, particularly in the Jails […]

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Free Energy Devices: Yes They Are Real

Guest Writer:   by Arjun A free energy device is one that creates energy in an isolated system. This means that the physical device requires no external input. Matter and energy cannot enter or exit the device, it can only move around inside of it. Our educational institutions and mainstream science have perpetuated the idea that these […]

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How I saved Africa’s white lions

How I saved Africa’s white lions: The London model who rescued a mother and her cubs and her desperate battle to protect them from bloodthirsty trophy hunters Former model and advertising executive Linda Tucker gave up her life in London to save South Africa’s white lions She set up Global White Lion Protection Trust in […]

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The Global Lion Protection Trust

Protecting a global treasure:   Established in 2002 by author and conservationist, Linda Tucker, the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) is a South African based non-profit conservation and community development organisation. Operating in the greater Timbavati bush region, the WLT is responsible for protecting the White Lions and developing the related cultural vales that […]

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