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An Apple a day keeps the Dr away

Apples are a crunchy, sweet, and satisfying snack that have immune boosting and disease preventing properties. They are a highly alkaline fruit that have the ability to quench both an immediate and cellular-level thirst. Apples are also an amazing detoxifier and contain both malic and tartaric acids that help remove impurities from the liver and […]

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Using Baking Soda as a Dry Shampoo

Guest Writer: Surviving The Stores Have you guys heard of something called “no poo”?  It’s getting more and more popular these days as more people get frustrated with all of the chemicals that are in their everyday shampoo and conditioner.  While there are many organic/natural shampoos and conditioners on the market, they are typically VERY […]

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Confirmed: The Lower Your Bone Density, The Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

Confirmed: The Lower Your Bone Density, The Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk   When older women are told that their bones should be as dense as a young adult (30 year old) at peak bone mass, things can and do go terribly wrong. A new study published in The Breast Journal, authored by researchers at […]

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Conscious Menstruation: The Power of the Cycle From Menarche to Menopause

Conscious Menstruation: The Power of the Cycle From Menarche to Menopause   by Alexandra Pope How well do you really understand menstruation? Do you look forward to it? Is it a powerfully positive time in your life? In contrast to the messages you may have received growing up, and even from women role models in your life, […]

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Got Hemp Milk? The Benefits of Hemp Milk

      Hemp milk is an incredibly nutritious and tasty alternative to cows milk as it supplies the body with essential nutrients without the      harm that dairy causes to the body. For some, it is an ethical choice to not drink animals milk, for others it is an intolerance. Others choose to avoid it […]

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Chocolate Shown to Enhance Visual Performance, Improve Eyesight

   Everyone knows that carrots are good for promoting healthy vision; it’s the beta-carotene contained in carrots that makes the vegetable                       a powerful food for eye health. But recent research has found that a much sweeter, favorite snack can also be responsible for eye […]

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Protecting Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields – Earthing and Detoxifying

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer Waking Times In my previous post, The Smart Meters Hoax. Electromagnetic Fields Are Real And Dangerous To Your Health, I was mainly talking about these terrible devices that are being installed throughout US and Europe now and how this technology affects our health. Fortunately, there is more one can do for protection than to uninstall smart […]

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13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil

13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil Guest Writer: Sayer Ji, Founder While coconut oil has dragged itself out of the muck of vast misrepresentation over the past few years, it still rarely gets the appreciation it truly deserves.  Not just a “good” saturated fat, coconut oil is an exceptional healing agent as well, with loads […]

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Orgone Energy

  Dave R. Gahan, Guest Writer Waking Times This term orgonite derives from “orgone”, the term provided by Wilhelm Reich for essential energy discovered everywhere throughout nature. Also known as “Chi”, “Prana”, “Ether”, “Élan Vital”, or “fifth element”, this vital energy exists in an organic way within a variety of types. It may be neutral (OR), positive (POR) or […]

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Why Yoga Works

Why Yoga Works: What Is Fascia & Why It Matters By Dr. Frank Lipman Many of us practice yoga but why does it work? Dr. Frank Lipman explains the relationship between yoga and the connective tissue in our body called fascia — the secret behind yoga’s many health benefits and post-Savasana bliss http://vimeo.com/21878104#t=27   About Dr. Frank Lipman Dr. Frank […]

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