We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.


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Chanting MMMM

We Live in one of the most exciting times probably in our forever existence. I have been told to really start looking into the creative essence that we all have. The very realisation that we are born with our own little abundance creating machines. I am looking into it and meditating, getting help from my Higher Self and it all seems to be very complicated to start with. Then the more research I do the less complicated it seems to be. Ok, Ok!!!!  I do get help from the higher realms, with dreams and visions pointing out which way to look.

So I had a dream where a friend of mine came to me and said “Donna your a Master Manifester, now time is of the essence”. I turned away from her in the dream to a cash draw, I heard lots of coins dropping into the ch ching ch ching draw. Then I turned back to her and money was just literally dripping out of the palm of my hands.

My research has me looking up ways to activate our own cash draws and would you know it !!!  We have hints left for us every where I turn. The things I resonate with are totally in your face here is part of the secret that I have found so far “Wake up and use it”.

Whilst my research is on going and it is leading me back to why I was given the Sri Yantra you can read about that here.

There are a few things that can get you resonating with making your own abundance in what ever form you choose. Let’s try it and take the sweat out of making it.

The sound MMMM humming boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the body. This was known to Indians and documented 7000 years ago. This energy is the source of creation of all living beings.

“There are a couple of songs listen to the words “What did they know we did not” ….

Crash Test Dummies

George Harrison MMMM My Sweet Lord



Now we have this!!! ” Wolves on Wall Street” what is he chanting as he beats his chest…

Chanting MMMMMM in your meditations believe me will not be a waste of time.

Donna Evans

Wed, March 25 2015 » Ascension, Hearts Activism

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