We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.


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This is a beautiful touching tale I have to tell, my relationship with Gaia is deepening on a level that is akin to a deep, close friendship. I have been on a short holiday to my birth place, an island state of Australia called Tasmania (Tasmanian Devil country).

Whilst here I made some time to do meditations, my immune system is compromised and I am trying to activate the new Thymus Chakra. I’ll have more news on this as it progresses because I believe in our increasingly toxic world, our health and wellbeing are under mounting assault–both physically and spiritually. Now more than ever we need innovative and effective methods of boosting the immune system and strengthening the body’s subtle energy systems that support our physical health and wellbeing.

Whilst doing the guided mediation I was joining my energy with Gaia’s, I was surprised that she grabbed me in a playful way and tickled me, not that it should have surprised me because it’s not the first time it’s happened. If you connect with her you’ll see she is very bright and cheerful and very playful. Even with all she has to endure! her spirit is not dampened and her love for her human children has never faulted. Sometimes when I am in mediation or just out in nature I feel her reaching out and holding my hand. I love this connection and treasure every moment things like this happen. She is not just here for the mystics, ascended masters and healers, she is here for any one who wants to connect honestly if you take the time it’s magic.

But whilst doing this mediation after she grabbed me and lightened my mood, I said “Gaia I have to finish this mediation” and I was about to leave when she said “Donna I am coming with you and doing the mediation too I need healing as well”. I was in tears, trying to carry on in the guided mediation with Gaia was aggghhhhh so magical and soooo sad as well.

We got through till the end and for the next few nights my dreams weren’t great, I was doing some major cleansing. Then, after a couple of nights Gaia came to me and asked me to write out a heart felt piece about her and her plight at the moment. She showed me in a vision of an airplane with pretty pink baskets and then the pilots throw the contents out of the windows. The contents of the baskets, and what came out was black, yukky, smelly, horrible chemicals.

I knew what she was showing me because in this pretty little island of Tasmania we had been bombarded with Chemtrails  this is only one link below but you can google it yourself or even just take note of the sky. What you think is just jet vapor or con trails is actually poison being sprayed of out planes. Geo engineering is the offical government word for it,  I googled and it’s there in black and white on the Australian Government site http://www.chiefscientist.gov.au/2012/04/ops1/.

                                                      Check your own local governments site.

Some call them cloud seeding. Unlike jet vapors they don’t disappear in only seconds but spread out and turn the blue sky hazy.

It is not a conspiracy… it is a fact!!!!  it is happening, and now Gaia in my dream says it is not only making US brain dead but it is killing everything else.

I wandered if any one has done any research on why the Tasmanian Devils are facing extinction from a cancerous growth. I googled and got nothing, because we are not believing in chemtrails. In Tasmania there is a condition with the trees called die back and this means the gum trees are dying at an alarming rate.  I really wish someone would take a look and investigate these as well.



It is so timely that Gaia herself asked me because it has been very much on my mind since a video I watched a few weeks ago,  I’ll put the link up at the end of this article, but it basically is spelling out the extinction of human kind, animals and trees are already going down this path through various means. But the global warming due to this practice is a very real and an immediate danger.

Because I believe in the spirit world I am praying for a miracle, as so many others out there are doing. I am also raising my vibration, clearing and cleaning my past and this is the process I call “Ascension”. This is a piece to raise awareness for Gaia and humanity and all the creatures and nature on this beautiful planet.  This is not an agenda for making people fearful or mad,  once we are awake to these practices, it is my hope to help you raise your vibration. There are many great teachers out there who can show you how to process all of these feelings and “fear” is one of the original sins. I will also be teaching how to release yourself from fear and put a stop to the games that this 3d reality pushes us to play.

The video was given to me from a very trusted source who agonised over whether to  tell the world about this, is now saying guys it’s crunch time. Lesley Temple Thurston a very valued mystical teacher of mine says this and was instrumental in getting this new information out and having Gaia coming to me and asking to write about it as well. I am not coming from a place of fear but for the love of Gaia.

Bless us all


The Methane Gas Video most important to watch ……FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA


Mon, October 13 2014 » Ascension, Healing, Hearts Activism

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  1. Alex October 13 2014 @ 5:38 am

    very well written!

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