We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

Goals, Planning

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It has taken me awhile to realise the importance of writing down my goals, the thing is in my younger days I changed my mind so rapidly my goals probably appeared but, I had changed my mind and forgotten my original plan.

Then when the “Secret” came out it was very in, to have a vision board and that for me, because it was a creative visual thing, really appealed.

So ok I actually stayed with one idea long enough to see that it actually worked and I could take down a few pictures because they manifested in my life quite quickly.

Then I periodically visualised what it was I wanted and I noticed when I did it, if it was something really directed by my heart it manifested. So there is the answer to my long time question, “why doesn’t everything I visualise or put on my vision board manifest”.

Unlike some new age teachers who believe “anything you desire you shall have”, or you are blocking it and you need to work out what that is. Well, now I believe it is different than that. I now know that you have a framework to follow, one set of blue print plans that you were born to follow. Anything that comes to you will be for the express purpose of keeping you on that particular path.

We are the architects of our lives we have our destination drawn in cement but our way there is drawn in sand.  The way we get there in other words, we can do so the hard way or the easy way. I would rather write down and visualise my goals whilst continuing on my path. I want to take charge of the areas I do have control over.

I like to live comfortably, I like to have reliable transport, I like to travel, I like a nice home and the furniture in it, free time and a healthy body. These are just a few examples of what you can put on your goals list. So it really is important to make your choices known, especially to your self. If you have any guilt about having nice things in your life you could do the meditation from the Heart Rituals e-book called Emotional Processing find out why you have the guilt.

Happy planning and follow your heart’s desires.

Donna xx

Tue, October 9 2012 » Ascension

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