We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

Making a list and checking it twice

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Writing down your intentions for at least the coming year should be done and asked for it to be activated on 21/12/12

I have been given clear knowledge this time around not to ask for stuff directly.

ie ask for clarity, higher guidance, abundance, clear communication with my guides, my path to be shown to me, financial independence, romantic love, health, process my fears gently, help me to raise my vibrations etc.

Writing in this way gives the power of intention to your Higher Self and more will be given or shown, in this way than you could have ever dreamed of yourself.

Then having the trust (that’s another great one to write down) to wait and watch whatever happens.

When you stop living in your ego self and start living your higher vibrational self. Your money, your health and happiness etc takes on a whole new dimension. You will start receiving before asking, healing before realising that something is wrong. Given direction and synchronicities are set up before you have to ask, money is never a problem if you don’t block and if you live impeccably (another great one to ask for).

Lets all try to live via the Heart Centre of our being and give the old ego paradigm the flick.

Good Luck

Donna x

Thu, December 13 2012 » Ascension

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