We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.


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Last week, early November 2014, I was meditating when I had one the most extraordinary experiences. I was transported to South Africa to the region of Timbavati. I have never been there before but I felt this to be true. I could feel the heat and smell the bush, I seemed to be with a group of people and we were staying in tents.

We had all been resting and I was at the door to my tent relaxing, when a Lioness came out of the bush. We were all so shocked, and I could feel every ones panic as she came slowly towards me. Big, big paws relaxed in deliberate stride her mouth open and smelling the air as she walked straight past everyone and came to rest a couple of meters from me.

I was in total shock but calm like I knew there was no danger, only shocked because the Lioness could calmly walk into the camp and sit down relaxed. Then the second almost unbelievable thing happened, out of the bushes came a big male Lion, I was totally frozen, although still in meditation. I was surprised that I was still able to hold this state.

The male Lion came up to the female and they shared an intimacy, they rubbed heads licked each other for awhile then he sat next to her and fixed his beautiful blue eyes on me. As his eyes met mine my legs took on a life of their own and made there way over to him. We also rubbed heads and he allowed me to stoke his mane and back.

Straight away I could feel this raw unconditional love, it was so powerful I had tears running down my face. It was one of the most intense feelings I had ever felt and I was finding it hard at this stage to hold myself in the meditation. He was licking at my tears pushing his head against mine, I fought so hard to hold on “I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE”.

He told me his name was Matsieng and that he was Wisdom, pure and simple no ego involved just matter of fact, stating his purpose here on earth. As soon as he told me I was unable to hold this majestic being in my field any longer, the love he was emitting was too powerful for me and I was exhausted and still teary.

I let go and came back to my awake state, sitting not knowing if what just happened was as real as I was thinking. I remembered he said his name and so I did a google search for the name. I was actually thinking he was really a God I had not known of before. Then another surprise he actually existed, and was really a Lion from Timbavati!

According to Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid:

Murry Hope, in her book “The Lion People – Intercosmic Messengers from the Future” writes about the lion-like beings from Sirius. She calls them the Pashat. Through my akashic insights and communion with Thoth, I have written on the Lion-Headed “Sun Lords” of Sirius, who guardian the energetic capstone (Telos.Aarkhara) set over the “Eye of Ra” – a universal locus, which has been exposed to instability since the universal tear, or schism of space-time in this universal eons ago. The Telos.Aarkhara has been created by Universal Intelligences to keep this “eye” or node in balance. The Sun Lords, or a faction of them, use their tremendous energy focus to constantly re-calibrate the capstone.

In the Timbavati region of South Africa sometime over 400 years ago, during the reign of Queen Numbi, there was seen a streaking light in the heavens, falling to earth. Not longer after this, the golden lions of Timbavati began giving birth to pure white offspring. The African Elders call these white lions “Tsimba-vaati”, which in the ancient Shangaan language means “the place where star lions came down from the heavens”. They also refer to them as the “Children of the Sun God.”

This is a video link below is The Lions of Timbavati and how they have come back at this time to help humanity. They are Ascended Masters in Lion form and to have them visit you in your dreams or meditation is a sign that you are raising your vibration.


Donna Evans

Mon, November 24 2014 » Ascension, Hearts Activism

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