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Star Lions of Numis’Om

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Star Lion

by Maia Nartoomid

Star Lions of Numis’Om
by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

Murry Hope, in her book “The Lion People – Intercosmic Messengers from the Future” writes about the lion-like beings from Sirius. She calls them the Pashat. Through my akashic insights and communion with Thoth, I have written on the Lion-Headed “Sun Lords” of Sirius, who guardian the energetic capstone (Telos.Aarkhara) set over the “Eye of Ra” – a universal locus, which has been exposed to instability since the universal tear, or schism of space-time in this universal eons ago. The Telos.Aarkhara has been created by Universal Intelligences to keep this “eye” or node in balance. The Sun Lords, or a faction of them, use their tremendous energy focus to constantly re-calibrate the capstone.

In the Timbavati region of South Africa sometime over 400 years ago, during the reign of Queen Numbi, there was seen a streaking light in the heavens, falling to earth. Not longer after this, the golden lions of Timbavati began giving birth to pure white offspring. The African Elders call these white lions “Tsimba-vaati”, which in the ancient Shangaan language means “the place where star lions came down from the heavens”. They also refer to them as the “Children of the Sun God.”

From the Akasha it has been revealed to me that the “star lions” of Timbavati were seeded into the then-present golden lion population by the Sirian Sun Lords through a cosmic event in the skies over Africa. This event consisted of an merkabah of pure energy coming into contact with the DNA of a specific species of lion already then present in Timbavati. The resultant white lions are thus a product of human lions and genetically engineered Sirian lions. . . not “Sun Lords”, ie lion-human forms, but a true “lion”, yet with a bridging crystalline sequence in the DNA that will in the future allow this species to open a path for reunion with the “Pashat” strain or tribe to come once again into our midst. What purpose would this serve? The Lion Ones are savants of our future worlds who hold a key to our own evolution. Perhaps not as intimately as do the cetaceans (who are actually a branch of our past-future species), but nevertheless the Lion Ones are among us now. . . incarnating as humans and guiding us at key moments in time. In their true forms, they sing to us the song of our future potential as solar beings beyond our current star-sun.

In the Numis O’m (current evolving level of our future New Earth Star) the Lion Ones are present. Their part is to generate energy and maintain stability of the matrix and many grids within it of the evolving world field.

In communion with the Lion-Headed Sun Lord, Idoris, I received the following transmission. Note that all names given are for our benefit, as the communication of the Lion Ones is largely telepathic, keying off of specific guttural (yet strangely melodious) sounds.

Idoris: Our history was born from the flame of Kham, a world in the 5th Universe, according to our matrix. It was on Kham that the leonine forms developed and merged with the human-like beings that were then present there. This merging was part of a greater plan to unite two golden strains of life that had long ago shared one crucible…as it is on your world between the cetaceans and earth humans.

From Khan, we migrated into the realms of Sirius, to the planet Isuma. Not all of our race, which we will call here Ichatua, are “Sun Lords” this title is more appropriate for those of us who guardian and maintain the capstone over the Eye of Ra — the Telos.Aarkhara. As Sun Lords we are reconcilers of the solar emanations as they penetrate planets within our matrix, such as your earth.

If you touch our matrix we may come to you in vision or Dreamtime and feed you from the flame we guardian in the sacred capstone, for we are the Dwellers on the Threshold of your cosmic being.

Maia: How may we touch your matrix?

Idoris: By connecting to the pure flame of the SOL’RA – the solar center of being, the Golden-White Sun. As you so intend and visualize this center it shall be made known to you.

Maia: Idoris is referring here to the Golden-White Sun of the 144,000 star-suns. As I write in Volume 02, 1996 (TD-9602) of Temple Doors, in the article “Through the Mouth of the Lion”:

“…the Golden-White Sun is the embodiment of totality which is defined in the complete harmony of the 144,000 star-suns composing what Thoth calls the ‘Divine Body’ or Yesuarta Kominghi. This Divine Body contains light codes for the complete template of the Hue-mon Being, the Adam Kadmon. Thoth has spoken of the ‘Foundation Stars’ previously, which he defines as: ‘Those incorporations of Living Lights which were received in divine consecration in the beginning of creation as a foundation stone for the universal temple as it is revealed to the worlds of being within the divine eschaton.’

Yet even the Foundation Stars, so Thoth tells me, are within the Yesuarata Kominghi, which is a greater body, including all components of the Heaven Temple.”

Idoris: Our plight, our purpose as Sun Lords is to reflect the Yesuarata Kominghi. The Divine Body is in the understanding of your planetary identification, the “Body of Christ”, for it radiates the Pure Flame of the Christic Consciousness through the universe and beyond.

Maia: Why do you choose the leonine partial form to merge with the human body?

Idoris: The leonine form is reflected in your natural world from a larger template of creation. . . that from which we as a race, arise.

Maia: Tell us more about the “star lions” of Timbavati. Do you, as Sun Lords, work through them in some way on earth?

Idoris: They are part of our Presence. Yet they are animals. . . creatures of the earth, as well. As they hold our Presence, so we radiate through them a vibration into the planet.

Maia: As I understand it, the star lions were entirely eradicated through hunting from the wild of South Africa. Only now are plans underway to re-introduce them to the wild of the natural homeland in Timbavati. How important it is that this re-introduction take place?

Idoris: It will happen as intended. Just as it was necessary for the star lions to go into the world on humankind, so it is now intended that they return to their seeding ground.

Maia: The archetype Sekhmet, as a Mother-energy being of universal proportions holds the flame of the Lion Ones, for She offers us a portal into their realm, which is really an aspect of our own being. Understand that every creature on this earth is an aspect of our life expression on earth, or it would not be present here with us. It is interesting that Sekhmet was called “The Eye of Ra” by the ancient Egyptians. Her name means “she who is powerful”. I have been shown that she is represented in the Black Madonna, as one who waits to be known in the Heart of the Lion.

It was revealed to me in the Akasha that Mu (Lemuria), the Motherland of humankind on earth, the divine feminine was depicted as “Mu-Lha“, The love-light breath of creation. She was seen in several different forms — each one intended to represent an aspect of her nature. One of these forms was a lion-headed woman, carrying a golden and white sphere in one hand intended to represent the Golden-White Sun or later to be called the “Eye of Ra”. In the other hand she held a dijti, which was an object that looked like a small whip with three strands attached to it. These were the three waves or universal streams that compose our working universal system. As “Tushbah” the Lion One, so Mu-Lha became a builder of world matrices, much like the Sun Lords of Sirius. Tushbah was black in color, with large golden eyes. her blackness was the void before creation and also that which is hidden until LIGHT is brought from the Golden-White Sun of what we would call “Christ Consciousness” to illuminate the All.

Sun Lord Shield

Sun Lord Shield
by Maia Nartoomid

Idoris: I give this symbolic mandala as a contact point for accessing our matrix (see Sun Lord Shield above). Move into the center of the mandala and then out again…back and forth until the Golden-White Sun is visible in your brow (third eye). It is then that you may experience with us that which we offer the human element of earth: insight into the future design that is in actuality, already within you.

The accompanying mantra: AL’OUMEM ATABA REY

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