We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.


GRIFFINS ARE TOTALLY FOR US DONNA EVANS Griffin/Gryphon/Griffon I am a cloud watcher I see future events, I am given guidance and avoidance tips, but lately I have been seeing in the clouds shapes like “Griffins”. This morning I finally took the message to google Griffins and before my 3rd eye vision one came to […]

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Why Yoga Works

Why Yoga Works: What Is Fascia & Why It Matters By Dr. Frank Lipman Many of us practice yoga but why does it work? Dr. Frank Lipman explains the relationship between yoga and the connective tissue in our body called fascia — the secret behind yoga’s many health benefits and post-Savasana bliss http://vimeo.com/21878104#t=27   About Dr. Frank Lipman Dr. Frank […]

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