We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within


Our Light Body has a core centre called the Sushumna which runs up and down the central axis of the body within the spine. It connects all seven primary chakras and provides each chakra with vital light energy.

We usually don’t have this light working properly through the chakras because of past experiences and beliefs. When we hold on to past thoughts and beliefs they stick to our Sushumna and stop the light and energy working for us.

So if we are holding on to the negatives and it’s not allowing the light to penetrate through the chakras and into our body, illnesses occur.

Through our beliefs and experiences our thoughts form. These thoughts create a thick wall of separation. Which stops light from flooding in, think about it … “our over thinking actually keeps out the light.”

So not only can the blocking of our Sushumna cause illness it can stop our divine creation, our divine guidance, our intelligence, wisdom and our evolution. Ascension clearly cannot happen if we are clogged up and stuck in a constant pattern of over thinking.

The more light we let in the more alive and energetic we will feel.

We can overcome the barriers and break down the sticky thick walls we have built up. By becoming the independent observer of our thoughts. Clearing and processing our emotions and stopping the thought that flood our every waking hour.

Fear is one of the biggest factors of not letting in the light, so if we are choosing fearful thoughts and since we become what we choose to think about our bodies will become extremely dense.


We do quieten our minds for a time during meditation, but that is not enough. It’s during our waking day that we need to stop our thoughts long term.

When we start to quieten the thoughts and clearing out old belief patterns we leave holes, the light enters these empty holes and clearing and healing and ascension can begin.

I had a dream of my Shushumna being completely clear and in that dream I was jumping puddles, I had more energy than I do now, I felt lighter, calmer and had my guides all around me and I could see them and hear them.

Life can be like this, remember Ascension is not a journey, heaven is truly within all of us.

Love Donna xx









Sun, November 18 2012 » Ascension

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  1. Betty March 29 2014 @ 9:35 am

    Your posts are extremely insightful and your writing is beautiful.

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