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The White Buffalo Labyrinth

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This  article is written by Ac Tah For more information: https://www.facebook.com/actah2012usa

To walk the White Buffalo Labyrinth is an activation the toroidal energy field. Working with this geometry creates the energetic foundation for a universal awakening of consciousness for a new world in unity, peace, love and freedom!

This geometry was first built on the May solar eclipse of 2012 in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. It is named in honor of the place it was built and the fulfillment of the Lakota prophecy of the Return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.


It creates the neuronal structures the brain to activate the toroidal energy field, MerKaBa.


This labyrinth can be built and used in group ceremony to create social structures and facilitate the emergence of peaceful leadership.  If used with the Solar Geometric Movements, it creates a living, breathing Flower of Life!

It can also be used as a printed image for a less physically-active way to generate the neuronal circuit and activate your personal energy field.

On your own, if you can not walk the labyrinth, trace the path on a picture of it with your finger, holding the intention of peace through unity on Earth,with prayer, song, chant, or silence.

With a partner, preferably of the opposite sex, place a print copy of the geometry between your hands, palms and fingers flat against eachother. Your partner’s hands will sandwichyours, pointing in the opposite direction. Their fingers resting on the backs of your hands. Together, visualize the infinity symbol between you, surrounded by the violet flame. Chant, sing, pray, be silent to amplify the effects.

If you are interested in building and activating this labyrinth on your land, please be in touch!  We are happy to help!



Sat, November 17 2012 » Ascension

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