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Thymus Chakra

thymus chakra

Last week I became aware  of the new Thymus Chakra, I had heard about it before but this time I wanted to do some investigation. I did a meditation that was made years earlier to call in this Chakra.

It is a trans personnel chakra and usually lives in the spiritual realms outside the body,  has the ability to by pass the endocrine system and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. It’s colour is a shade of Turquoise and looks like the planet Saturn, with the rings coming in one at a time. I see mine already has a ring the center seems to stay still and only the ring turns.

If you meditate a lot you might have a build up of static electricity, (sore shoulders and back of the neck are a sure sign of this build up). I am getting it also helps with the Solar Flares and even personal anger or rather the static negative energy this gives off, to restore a more balanced way of being.

This chakra once activated will vacuum up this static energy from these sources and store it in your Solar Plexus for later use as back up energy.  It supplements the endocrine system which cannot process higher spiritual energy fast enough in our ascended state.

In our increasingly toxic world, our health and well-being are under mounting assault both physically and spiritually. Now more than ever we need innovative and effective methods of boosting the immune system and strengthening the body’s subtle energy systems that support our physical health and well-being.  Eventually I believe it will bypass the adrenals altogether.

 I was told by my guides the activated Thymus is like a “guardian angel.” This is a good area to tune into if you are feeling under psychic attack. Cleanse your aura quickly by brushing the area about two to three inches above your thymus. As you sweep, affirm that you are a clear vessel, that you allow only the highest and the best for your service. Also, most destructive energies avoid people with an activated thymus chakra.

I talk to mine every morning and in my meditations, asking the Thymus Chakra if it’s ok and to please stay activated. It is only early days yet and mine is not fully operating and staying that way. I have been told that it will take some time, but to keep checking in on it. You do need to be on the Ascension journey and completely surrendered to this path for the Thymus to be activated.  But in this very short time I have become very aware of this Super Chakra and it’s healing energy, I hope you can journey with this idea I think it’s a fine one.

much love Donna

Fri, October 17 2014 » Healing

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