We are awake and we make the conscious decisions we were meant to.


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                                                                                                                                                                                         Some of us are living in our Hearts and are learning the ancient ways of being, and having watched the rest of humanity, we certainly have come to the cross roads. Navigating this reality as I have found is one of profound confusion at times. What to believe, where to look for the truth? I can not look to our history books, the church or main stream news outlets. Nor can I look to our leaders of Government or State.

Today as I watch the news and the reactions to the news, I know that with out a doubt we as the people of this planet can change these dark days into ones of Light, of true leader ship and total equality.  We can do this, by turning off our TV’s sets, stop giving up our power to governments and other powers outside of us.

I for one have had enough I know I can change my realty simply by living in the heart, learning that if what I am doing is not joy filled, it’s then time to stop and reconnect into the timeless generator we have called our hearts. It’s here we find no duality, it’s here we find our soul, that eternal flame that does not ever die. It’s here we find that the teachings, and the knowledge we have all been craving for.

Once you make the true commitment to live within the realms of this precious jewel in our crowns. We realise that we are the ones we were looking for, we are the Queens and Kings of our own domain. We know then what is true and what is not.

It takes time and practice; often I find I am falling into my old ego ways. Fear, lack, jealousy and guilt are just some of the illusions we mostly live by in this age. Once you start to wake up to the illusions of ego and live more in your heart, after awhile when you do fall out of step you quick smart want back into this space.

The more you practice viewing old patterns and emotions from your heart center hearing these concerns listening to them but not being totally absorbed by them then, the faster you heal and join the spirit that lives forever within us.

Creating our lives in a sustainable way, a joy-filled way, a unified way, shedding all the Illusions that has been built in our society. For a better life for one and all “IT’S THE ONLY WAY”.

Bless us all

Donna Evans


Mon, December 15 2014 » Ascension, Healing, Hearts Activism

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