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You can take the girl out of the 3D World, but can you take the 3D World out of the girl…

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You can take the girl out of the 3D World, but can you take the 3D World out of the girl…


This is about me and the journey ever onwards and upwards towards my transformation.  You see I have had a goal all my life, I really could not verbalize it until the talk of Ascension began.

Years ago I remember a guy talking about Ascension and he had some friends I should meet because this was the path he was looking into. I would love to have said that I understood what on earth he was talking about, but I did the only thing I knew how to do. My brain fogged up my eyes glazed over and I got the irritating ear buzzing (actually with the noise in my head I couldn’t think or hear).

“ASCENSION” is that some sort of mass suicide, were my first thoughts. Hey I bet you all thought/think on similar lines.  Little did I know that about 20 years later I heard someone else talking about it and some how my brain did a 360 turn around. I understood, I actually instinctively understood what this lady was talking about.

How do you go from nada, nothing, no understanding, to “I get it”? Well I think my time had come, my memories of an Atlantean life (thousands of life times ago) must have left imprints on my soul and it choose this particular moment to forget it’s amnesia.

I knew things in 3D world are not what I would have liked, but to find out that there is a state of being, that can protect you from “LIFE”. Ok so it’s not an easy path sometimes painful memories your trying to  let go of have you on yours knees blubbering like a baby. Then if that is hard it’s harder still staying closed shut to the infinite possibilities of opening your life up to the Light/Source or God.

In 3D we get attached to everything, loved ones, houses we even seem to want to never let go of painful times and forgive those that have wronged us, forget that. I know when you loose loved ones it’s hard. In this 3D world we are conditioned to believe what we see in front of us is all there ever was is or will be. Now I have always deep down known that is not the truth. Having a soul that “Higher Being” part of ourselves has intimate contacts baby that not even the most crooked politician has even thought of.

We are an infinite source of energy, the Soul part of us never dies, we move from lifetime to lifetime learning from good times and bad, ever growing, learning and yes even going backwards from mistakes made. Then only to come back to do it all again. The Soul has a yearning to learn and it does not become attached to people, material gains, nor does it hang on to pain or judge. It’s only yearning is to evolve and eventually we all will if not in this lifetime then another thousand or even just the next time around.

Practicing the art of detachment, learning to step into our true state and reminding ourselves that, this existence is not who we truly are. This life is an illusion, a play we have written as part of our souls journey back into Oneness.

My yearning to be free of the illusion and the painful attachments has lead me to this point. Putting it into practice is not easy at times my 3D existence sometimes grabs me by the throat, but each time it does I get up easier and faster than I once did. Learning to use the great tools that are available and many, many times they are free. Finding a great teacher who will intuitively know what your limitations are and then fill in some blanks is invaluable. So find someone or a group that work to lift you up and give you the tools we already know of (somewhere deep down) but will remind you of them. Take yourself with a grain of salt and learning to have a sense of humor will be of great benefit. Lastly be gentle with yourself when you slip up.

Much Love



Tue, September 3 2013 » Ascension

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